Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Feel Good Day

Hello another feel good day!
It's good to back home and school. Anyone said welcome back and asked me where have I been?
I'm feeling fine but the same time I still think about my grandma. 
This two days I haven't stressed with school or anything else yet. I should be like this often,keep myself clam, which it's hard to do.
I always think school is the most important thing because it can count on the future.
But me and my classmates need to calm down. And today we visited the museums here in Kouvola.
I found hand made things I liked in Onnenkukko. I took only 5 photos, I was very lazy.
What I like the most is paper doll but I bought paper doll postcard instead.
After visited the museums, Robin's stepfather came and invited us for dinner at Three wings.
Tomorrow is Robin's big day, he's turning 26. Vanha mies ( old man ). Haha.

Good night. <3

Paper doll Mandi represents the simple fashion of the 1920's.

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