Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Wearing The Smile You Gave

Hello finally Friday!
Did anyone have a good Friday ? Mine was fine. I always think clothes can describe who you are. And I always dress up to make myself think only positive. Fashion just makes me happy.
Back to 2012 Prada made spring- summer collection inspired by 50's. Car- print chiffon dresses, Cadillac heels and the bags. I thought it was the most beautiful collection. 
I saw many Thai celebrities wore Prada dresses and accessories. 
I can't take it out off my mind and I love 50's. 
Talking about 50's, it makes me thinking about Grandma Rut. I have a photo of her, she said she took in the end of 50's or 60's. I guessed she was fashionable, I saw that she had cat-eyes sunglasses. 
I asked her where were all her dresses , she said she cut them and weaved to rugs.
 It's like a heart broken.
 But I understand old people don't want to keep their clothes for their kids. Because they think it's so old fashion. Am I the only one, who used mom's clothes from 80's and 90's? :D
 However, I started to feel better then last year and good news are coming and many plans for summer and maybe winter too. I wore a pink dress that I bought for many years from Thailand, flower headband from H&M, flower earrings from Seppälä and sunglasses from Beyond Retro. 

Have a good weekend. <3


  1. Happy Friday to you! It's very cool that you love 50's retro/rockabilly. You have an old soul and a good eye for fashion. I really love this pink dress. Simple, pretty and made to brighten a day.
    I chatted with a new friend and she really brightened my day. ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I've always loved fashion and never going to be an end. :) 50's is classic. :)