Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Dark Side Of The Sun



Hello sunny day!
We supposed to go and watch the new X-men film. But something sadly hit me and I got real headache. It's just a bad day and that's alright. 
Today we went to the shopping center, the only thing melted my heart away was Moomin kettles. 
Is anyone one going to get it? For me, I know what I wish for Christmas. Wait!
Right now I have to enjoy summer so I don't have to complain when the winter arrives.
About to my whole black outfit today, I must say off shoulder top is one of must have for this summer season. You can see anywhere in Look book, Instagram and more.
I chose my American Apparel off  shoulder tank top with H&M pencil skirt. It's simple look. 
And my half moon choker from Romwe. I love this choker, I feel like a sailor moon. 
( Japanese manga) Earrings and shoes are from Thailand.
Well, well, one more thing people have been asking to do is take off my wig.
I took it off and I tested my hair extensions instead. I know it looks more natural but as I said at the last post in Helsinki, I wasn't sure if I'll have them this week or not because it's too thin. 
My hair is natural dark, curving and thick.
Yesterday when I put them on, it was such a surprised! They look nice and natural.
I guess I have to start wake up early for getting my hair ready. 

Have a nice Sunday! <3

Tank top                                                                 Skirt 


  1. A totally well put together outfit. You look as fabulous as ever!

  2. Only Sunday. Other day I'm to lazy to dress up. :D