Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let Have Some Fun

Me as a cheerleader. :) Hihi.    

Hello Thursday!  Summer is coming.
Isn't that nice? Seeing all flowers are growing ? I absolutely love it!
Today at school, we got the test. It went great for me.
 I got few points by lucky or I can say by good guessing.
However,  I often feel like I am in the day care. Maybe I just don't like sports.
But taking too serious with school, it isn't healthy thing either.
Around 12 O'clock we were at the sport center here in Kouvola. My classmates played football and what did I do? So sure, I didn't play. I just did some stretch exercises as the teacher said and cheered them up. I love to watch football matches but I hate to play.
My all time favorite football team is Deutschland ( Germany ) team. Muller is the best football player.
It was good to be outside even today is cold. I couldn't have only top on me, I must put jacket on.
Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki again and I'm going to meet Jennifer. 
Can't wait for it!

Have a nice day.