Tuesday, May 31, 2016

There Are Many Beautiful Reasons To be Happy

Hello Tuesday!
Are you happy today? For me, yes I am. Firstly, I went and got my Prada sunglasses that I ordered from Zalando. I was so excited to unbox it. I'm absolutely happy with the glasses.
This morning went bad, some of my classmates couldn't respect the teacher. Then she walked away.   I told them to go and apologize. Thank god! It went well one of them did say sorry. 
Around 12 O'clock we were at the beach and played volleyball today.
I love the beach! It makes myself so clam. I love the sun cause it's lighting a day.
I felt the heat and noticed even more heat when I put my lip palm on. It melted!
I didn't expect this weather can arrive to Finland. But it doesn't matter.
What the matter is enjoy the day and the sun. I wished I could stay a bit longer at the beach.
But I don't have a car, then I must leave the beach. Our teacher dropped me off.
I hope everyone had a good day. But if not, tomorrow is a new day.

Love <3

Sunglasses : Prada  Crop top : JJ Market Skirt : Modehuset Alice Hat : Bikbok


  1. Looks like a great Prada day at the beach! You look so lovely... Great legs!

    1. I'm going to do an review tomorrow. :) You can come and enjoy the weather with me