Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Old Man Turning 26

Hello Wednesday!
Tomorrow no school! Because it's Ascension Day and Coronation Day in Thailand.
  Relaxation needed. 
Today my boyfriend is turning to 26. Happy Birthday! Can you believe it?
Soon he will be 30 and that makes me feel like I'm turning to 30 too.
We are so stressful with everything. We want all good things in our lives when he's 30 years.
The first time I met him, he told everything about his plans in future.
As I heard he said, this man was quiet ambitious and reminded of Thai people.
Me as Thai person and the other Thai people have to plan on our future in many years before things will get better for us.
Living in Thailand, we all know how difficult life can be, if we choose the wrong way. 
That's one of reasons why I love him. Me and Robin are in the same boat from the beginning.
I made Salmon for him. ( don't know what to call for menu. )And my very very spicy chicken nuggets.
Nothing special as always. But every little things can mean every thing for us. :)

Have a good day. <3


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