Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love Is Waiting For Us

I'm feeling little homesick and I can't wait to go back to Åland Island.
I'm missing home and everyone there.
We're going to leave Kouvola at 4 a.m. on Thursday. That was my reason why I'm so lazy.
I can see myself, don't care about learning Finnish. Since yesterday our heads were almost explored,
Finnish grammar is so difficult. We got enough for this. But it wasn't enough, when one of my classmates used his phone in the class. The teacher asked him why?
He told us a bad news that happened this morrning in Bryssel, Belgien. It got us more headache. 
Our teacher ran out and took a laptop back with her. We saw the news from BBC and she also explained to us from Finnish news online. 
I can't say a word. But this is sick! I saw Wadia cried today, the same thing happened to her hometown few days ago. 
I felt her pain because  it's still a war in southern Thailand and it's surely been war over 10 years.
Government doesn't care about it anymore. 
I can only say peace for tomorrow.

Speaking of Wadia, she invited me to Bella restaurang yesterday. (Don't remember exactly the name.)
I ate good kebab with rice, I was very hungry. Thank you so much, Wadia. Next time is my turn.
 Wadia has invited me and my boyfriend many times
but we never have free time on weekends.

A day without chocolates or any sweet buns is would be a horrible day for me.
I tried to force myself : eat more vegetables and fruits.
How can I force myself? I'm addicted to chocolates. Let try again next week.
As you can see I have under eye bags.
 I finally used under eye strips for this month. Don't even no when was the last I used them.
I should use them more often before they are expired.
 I still have a lot of them and many other bands.
But I use tea bags almost every morning. It works well as long as I don't start to cry.

Good night. <3 

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