Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's A Sunshine Day

 The sun shines bright through the windows. Finally we can feel the warm weather.
We supposed to have IT at school today but our teacher came in and told us, 
it was a mistake. So we don't have a teacher today but she gave us the exercise 
we have to interview a Finnish person, just one, whoever we can ask in the center
then we can go home.
No! You're kidding with me, right?
I still remember '' Guide To Finland.'' the last video we saw at school.
Finnish people will never talk to strangers. They are shy, they will be more talkative when we get drunk. 
Even my boyfriend told me before that he's very shy.
Then my classmate dropped me off  at the center and I walked to the pharmacy.  
I tried to ask few people, still nobody was interesting. This is hard, harder than trying memorize 
Finnish grammar. I love challenge but not this one. 
But My boyfriend and I are going to Helsinki on Saturday. I'll ask his stepfather.
Problem is off.

Have a nice day. <3 

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