Sunday, March 20, 2016

Eat Street Food Helsinki



Hi Sunny day!
Don't you just feel warm on your face and my heart start to beat fast and faster like it will jump out
from your chest........ when you see food?
I absolutely love street food! Living in Thailand street food is common and very cheap.
It's the easiest way to find food.
But in Finland it's hard to find, when Robin and I get hungry all we can think about is McDonald's.
Robin told me last week about Eat Strret Food Helsinki. There's no way I can say no!
We were with Robin's stepfather yesterday in Eat Street Food Helsinki.
I can see smaile on Robin's face as always. I expected some good Roti, but it was not even good and
we waited so long. We tasted Bangkok street food as first. We ate Khai Ping ( Grilled Eggs )
and Robin's stepfather ate baby shrimps.
Sursprisingly... I love Deeep fried luisiana onion is taste good with snakebite dip.
Which reminds me of Thai deep fried bread with minced pork. It's so delicious!
Don't let me say much. I don't want to see my tears drop and start to be homesick again.
Well, I had enough food, even my tongue noticed it was already greasy.
It was another good day for us. Food is the most important for us.
And I also did my homework, I felt so shy to speak Finnish out loud but it went great.

Have a nice day. <3

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