Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter With Love

Happy Easter everyone!
I am 100 % sure, I'll miss the sun more than snow when I get back to the mainland.
Today is absolutely the most beautiful day so far. 
My mom and I dressed up and took photos again.
The good weather ,makes the good photos. :) Some photos are from my mom's Samsung. Those are beautiful photos.
We had dinner at 5 O'clock.  We had lamb, potato gratin and stir bambo and mushroom with minced pork.
Ice-cream for dessert and the last thing we can't forget to eat on Easter is..... Memma.
Memma or Memmi is a traditional Finnish dessert. It's a pudding but doesn't look like a pudding or taste like a pudding.
Finns love it but most of foreigners hate it. Even my Finnish boyfriend says no thank you for it.
I'm so happy to see my family. I'm already packed my belongs, tomorrow we will leave Åland Island.
I'm not ready yet but what can I do? Being with family is absolutely the most beautiful thing you can do.

Good night everyone! <3