Saturday, March 12, 2016

Three Wings

Hello Saturday!
I had quite bored and stressful week. Maybe one of reasons is my period is coming. 
Yes, I always blame everything else.
I was at the dentist yesterday and I luckily had a young dentist. 
In my opinion she looks younger than me. She said my teeth are healthy but they are sensitive.
That's why I feel the pain. My teeth always hurt after I visit the dentist, 
but this time I don't even feel a pain on my teeth. So she's really good at her job.
After my teeth are fine and I'm free from a mouth ulcer, I can't wait to eat anything than soup.
My boyfriend and I were at the Three Wings restaurant today. 
We had a big basket of ribs, hot wings, french fried, mozzarella sticks.
And it was big surprised that Robin ate fried octopus. ( They look like onion rings but they are not.)
Well, as they say you eat good food, your life will get better too.

I must have a second of hot coco with extra marshmallows. I better get going.
Good night.<3

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