Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Are My Today And All Of My Tomorrows

Hello Tuesday!
Well... we actually thought today is Monday. 
Maybe we had too long vocation but it was only four days. I still think I haven't had enough Thai food.
We had a small test today and I spent too much time reading. It was easy, we had it before.
But how can we forgot about it? Today I survived but today is another day and tomorrow we have the test again.
However, I felt better and stronger than ever. It always good to be home.

As you can see some my photos, they aren't beautiful.
 I am often so lazy to edit all photos and I Just did photo collages. It's a way to upload photos.
Since it was still a problem with mobile blogging.
We were in Oscar restaurang in Viking Grace ferry. Excellent food! 
Glazed lamb shank and Oven roasted arctic char.I thought I couldn't eat a fish but I did.

 With mom and boyfriend at cafe in Maxinge Center. We tasted liquorice yogurt!

 Coffee coffee and coffee. And Robin was almost dead to see his old friends.

Mom made  Kanom Tago. ( Thai dessert with coconut milk topping ) They were so sweet.
No wonder why Robin ate a lot.

Lazy Frasse. 

Home sweet home! Chicken tortilla and apple with thai fruit dip. :D 

Have a nice day. <3

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