Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hello Sunday,without sun shines!
My boyfriend and I were in Porvoo yesterday as usually. Diana had a coffee party for her and her son William  late birthday. Last week I was not only missed my boyfriend's brother birthday, I missed Ria's birthday too. I guess I had no good explanation, I just don't want to drink or support people,
whom drink alcohol. Specially younger people. So it is! But it's not my problem.
At her house William seemed very calm and he started to walk in front of me.
( We forgot to say Happy birthday to them. )
Sara was still so shy. She also lifted her dress to cover her face. So cute.
Julia was playful. She also noticed and  asked me : what happened to my mouth? You get hurt?
My answer was  yes. I didn't know how to explain, I have mouth ulcer again.
If you had mouth ulcer before, you knew how painful is it. 
We came back to Kouvola early, we went to Vetori shopping center then to the sauna.
Sauna is absolutely the nicest thing to do in Finland. Plus it's good for skin. 
I love to scrub my body when I am in the sauna.
I also had some sushi and my boyfriend made fish honey for him. I tasted it. 
It was so delicious and good smell. 
I don't how it happened because I usually don't eat fish. If it smells bad.
Now I must move my body, many things to do.
Have a nice day! <3

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