Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women's Day

I wish it was summer. I want to put the dresses on me every day.
It has been so bored in school since our teacher is sick. Ludmyla came up with a good ideas last week. She wanted to pay flowers for the teacher on International women's day. 
On Monday she collected money from us. I asked our teacher if she teaches us on Tuesday.
And she said : yes, I'm your teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Normally.
We were sure that she will come.
But surprisingly a teacher names Petra came to us and said your teacher is sick.
We felt disappointed but we decided to give it to her instead. 
Petra was so nice, she drove to our teacher's house and gave it to her.
She told us, it's not right, the flowers belong to our teacher.
I'll hope she gets well soon. Because on Thursday and Friday we always want to skip school.  

Good night. <3 

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